Studio 100:1 Services


Studio Album/Single Recording (Individual/Band)

Live Recording


Mobile Recording (At Your Location)

Sound Equipment Consultation

Artists can record (at Studio 100:1 or location of choice) or provide their own tracks of music from a variety of genres to be mixed and mastered by Studio 100:1. The finished product will be high-quality digital releases ready for your media platform of choice and/or CDs.

We can provide any instrument parts desired to make your creations sound the way you want them to sound!

Please contact us via the contact page for more information or to book now!

***Recording Preparation Tips***

When preparing to send demos/samples to us to go over in our initial meeting, it is helpful for you and us to have the BPM set for songs and to have the demos/samples recorded with a metronome. You can choose an app for yourself but a great one we would suggest is ‘Metronome – Record Beat Tempo’ which is available for Apple devices (see link below). Android has similar products as well.

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